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Save time
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To get started and fill out the form according to your property conditions.
We will create you an offer based on the market around your property, your property conditions and how easy or hard it will be for us to repair and sell the property.
Get a commitment free offer for your property. We will review the offer with you over the phone on the date and time you selected to speak to us.
9 easy steps in our form!
Insert the access code given to you.
This will allow us to give credit to the person or source that referred you to our website. If you do not have an access code there is an option that allows you to proceed without one.
Confirm you property address.
This step is crucial because our GPS and city information do not always match with the same property number.
Tell us what type of property you want to sell to us.
Based on the type of property we use different algorythms to create an offer, that is fair and accurate.
Provide us with property details
Example: how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc if any.
Tell us what has been renovated in the last 7 years.
This gives us a good idea of how good the condition of the house is.
Tell us what needs to be repaired.
This section creates fair deductions based on the size of the property and what areas need attention.
Select a date and time for our call.
During this phone appointment a senior advisor or acquisition manager will review all information and gather a few more details regarding the property you are interested in selling.
Review the answers of your form.
This stage allows you to go back and change anything that is not accurate in prior steps of the form.
Get your commitment free offer.
Our cash offers are valid for 30 days and are based on public information from Zillow, Trullia and other sources. The answers to each of our questions regarding the conditons of your property also influence our offer giving us a clear idea of how much money and time its required to fix your property.
What happens after the offer is accepted?
Easily sign all pre-screening documents online.
In this stage we will send an agent to inspect, take pictures and measurements of the property to verifty the informaiton provided to us.
Sign the contract(s).
This will allows us to do title research and make property survey in order to move forward with the deal and get you paid.
Final Inspection.
In a few instances we will need to re-visit the property a week before we are able to close on the deal. This stage is often required because the pre-screening stage is complete by an agent not the an authorize buyer.
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